Feedback and Interacting

As you haven’t guess from every episode and every page, we love your comments and feedback!  Every positive or negative comment helps us make the podcast better, and there are loads of ways to talk to us.

Our e-mail is

Our forums are found at

We love Itunes reviews and comments

Also my skype name is arkangel386 if you ever want to talk.

Hope this helps get in touch.

~ Shrek


10 Responses to Feedback and Interacting

  1. mattmon says:

    grait podcast I am making the entier ultramarines chapter from 1st company to 10th company and i found that a land raider on the back cover keeps it open I am loveing the podcast in the uk

  2. Isaac says:

    im in the UK and i am LOVING this podcast, i play my favorate army is Guard by far, but i also do Space Marines and a bit of Daemonhunters, i have recently started a chaos Khorne army. ^_^

  3. LOVE the podcast–it’s my favorite 40K podcast, hands down. But when the hell are we getting T-shirts?

  4. ltommer says:

    Best podcast out there.

  5. Hudson says:

    I like the podcast except for the redneck Marine Player dude who cries about other armies when he plays an army full of cheese made for 12 year olds.

    Lysander in every list he makes yet he cries about IG stormtroopers on your guard cast? Come on

    Other than his annoying whining about marines and constant bragging the cast is great. Shrek is a good host, just shut the other dude up

  6. dice506 says:

    I love this podcast and I am a huge Kelly fan, keep up the good work!

  7. firebag606 says:

    I love your podcast. I’m from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I just started playing 40k. I searched for a quality podcast and I found yours. I could listen to you guys talk warhammer all day. Please keep the episodes coming, I truly appreciate them. I’m a kelly fan and I use the phrase “Kelly shuffle.”

  8. s00nertp says:

    Ditto firebag, I have only about 10 games under my belt so far. I love the whole cast, but Kelly’s strategy advice is a favorite for sure.
    Fan from: NJ, USA

  9. liam2580 says:

    Great podcast, i could listen all day. Im also a big kelly fan and the only criticism is that it isnt often enough! Keep up the good work from all of your fans in the uk.

  10. syko515 says:

    excellent podcast, easily my favorite! shrek and Kelly are an excellent duo, and though i have heard a few reasons why kelly shelved my favored chaos army i would really enjoy a chaos space marine army cast!

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