Time is Everyone’s enemy.

May 25, 2010

I just read that 40k Radio is calling it quits.  I don’t know what fully happened, but I can only wish the best for the hosts and their families.  These podcasts are supposed to be fun and informative, and a hobby.  Family and life comes first (which is why we aren’t able to get episodes out as quickly as i would like).

So best of wishes to them.

~ Shrek


Webisode 027 – Ard Boyz 2010

May 12, 2010

There is no excuse in that it took me a couple of weeks to get this online.  Yay life.  Anyways, Kelly and Shrek here at Kelly’s new apartment.  Cover the usual news, what we’ve been up to, and answer a good Eldar e-mail.  Then we get back to the battle missions book and cover the chaos space marine ones.  Finally, we discuss ard boyz.  Go over the rules packet, as well as some lists you can probably expect to run into.  We end it with squabbling over Blood Angels and Doom.  Anyways, good luck on saturday! Have fun and get some good stompin in!


00:01:14 pod cast
00:03:58 news
00:16:04 emailz
00:32:10 what weve been up to
00:47:10 battle missions chaos spes marines
01:00:30 ard boyz

Episode at: http://www.groovygeckosgames.com/podcast/40kwcepisode27.mp3

E-mails at 40kwarcasting@gmail.com and groovygeckosgames.com

~ Shrek

A video to summarize the Doom of Malantai Debate

February 1, 2010


~ Shrek

Episode 15 recorded

July 22, 2009

Will be up tonight or probably tomorrow night.

~ Shrek/Jay


July 11, 2009

just want to give a good luck to everyone participating in ‘ard boyz today.  Have fun, crush your enemies, and don’t be a jerk.  Hope to see some of you in chicago.

~ Jay

The equipment came! podcast up by the end of the week.

April 6, 2009

So the new sound equipment came and it is awesome.  Hopefully the sound quality should be alot better and louder (especially once I learn what all those nobs do)

On a sadder note life intervenet again, so we should be doing the podcast on thursday.  This means it should be up thursday night or on friday.  And Graham is back! W00t!

New logos incoming.

March 21, 2009

So we are finally getting some new logos for 40k warcasting so that we don’t have to deal with copyright issues.  Hopefully, well get some t-shirts made (but boy are they expensive).  Anyways, would like to thank my good friend jordan for these.  He’s an amazing painter, and is a true artist.  They should be up by the end of the day.

~ Jay

PS – thanks for everyone that is helping us get the word out.  I knew it would be an uphill battle but every comment, e-mail,  or forum post helps.  I will be making up some pamphlets soon that if you want to print out and give to some friends or your hobby store to help us out.