Moving on out, say goodbye to wordpress!!!

November 28, 2010

Alright so here’s the latest updates. Charlie was spending the past 2 weeks trying to make the podcasts work on the website. He tried like 20 different ways, none of which worked. So today we talked, and he agreed to continue to support us by paying for libsyn!! So groovy geckos will continue to sponsor us. So, here’s the info you all need:

The new webpage. Every time a podcast gets updated this will be the first place to know

If you all enjoy following RSS feeds.

So, what about new episodes!? Well with the plan we have we have enough space to post 2 episodes a month, and one of the older episodes to get it uploaded. So, I uploaded 31 and 30. I will have 32 up by the end of the month, and starting next month I’ll get up 33 34 and 35. That gives us a month to make new podcasts (Well post when we go live, usually every other friday at 8 pm EST). So on January 1st we should be all caught up. Then we’ll continue the process of doing 2 podcasts a month and uploading an older episode at the end of the month. Editing wise, I’ll be taking out the news sections (since they’re old, and its just us drooling over dark eldar). Ill leave in anything if it’s our opinions on something worthwhile.

Also, I have to explore libsyn and everything it offers. This includes getting the Itune feed going. Again, youll know as soon as i get a new toy or feature working.

Finally, we will be using the above as the new blog, so say goodbye to



Update on update

November 28, 2010

40k warcasting will be back online tonight. We are moving to libsyn. More info incoming.

Update on podcast

October 29, 2010

Charlie says i’ll have access to the website to upload everything soon. I can’t wait. Granted, I have been BS’d too before, but I am giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Live episode on dark eldar Friday night starting around 7-8pm EST

~ Shrek

going live in 5

September 11, 2010

40k Warcasting live friday night 8 pm EST

September 9, 2010

same casting time, same casting channel.

Episode 29 will be up tomorrow morning September 1st

August 31, 2010

Pinky swear. Pending the hurricane 30 should be up by end of the week as well.

~ Shrek.

40k warcasting is live

July 17, 2010

Were going live!!! come join us