post webisode 3 thoughts

March 19, 2008

First I have to apologize for the sound quality. Before the next the podcast im getting a job paycheck so hopefully well drastically improve the sound quality. Anyways, on to the pictures and links!

First the links we talked about:
Bolter and chainsword
Cool Mini or not
Tau Forums

The sweet picture of ulrik:
Ulrik, head chaplain of the Space Wolves

And finally some pictures of Jordan’s models, to show how good he is:
White Scars


Post Webisode 1 thoughts

February 14, 2008

So the first webisode is finally up.  I would like to thank a bunch of people real quick.

Drew – for getting this all online

Kelly – and groovy geckos for letting us use his site.

Jeffrey – the host of podhammer, a fantasy podcast.  Allowed me to shoot e-mails back and forth to give me ideas and tips.

So some quick thoughts 

Equipment – ya, we know theres alot of static noise.  We learned we cant use one mic for 5 people, so ill be looking into getting a mixing board and more mics so everyone is louder and less static in the background.  We also know to stop banging the table to stop that noise from happening.  And yes, well have our cellphones on vibrate for future episodes (no your cell phone isn’t ringing).

Stats – I do realize we mess up on some of the statlines for some units.  This is totally done on purpose to throw people off so we dont get haggled for copyright.  (Seriously, Carnifexes have 6 wounds and Predators have 4 lascannon shots i swear).  I mean, we were caught up in the moment, we were only like 1 stat off, so we might slip but we get the point across.