About Us

40k Warcasting is a podcast series created to talk about anything and everything to do with the world of Warhammer 40,000.  Well be covering the books, the tabletop game, the video game, and delve into armies, tactics, tournaments, and anything else we can think of. 

The host: Jay aka Shrek

Shrek has been playing 40k for 11 years now. Starting in 8th grade, he played guard for about a year. Deciding he actually wanted to see the close combat phase, he looked around and saw no one was playing Tyranids in 3rd edition. He hasnt looked back since. He usually top 3’s in the local tournaments, and has gotten to the semi-finals in both ‘ard boyz tournaments. He is currently trying to find an army to keep him occupied until the fall when plastic angel wings are made.

Cohost: Kelly
Pic and bio coming soon

Cohost Graham
Bio coming soon

If you have any questions, comments, want to sponsor an episode, or just feel like shooting an e-mail, you can do so at 40kwarcasting@gmail.com


11 Responses to About Us

  1. t0mz0 says:

    Great show , i sent you an email about some ideas for the next episode. maybe do a podcast on orks as they look good :P.

  2. oacup says:

    The dudes doing this podcast are awesome.

  3. goser56 says:

    I just started listening to your podcast and I have to say they are great. Keep making more podcast.

  4. goser56 says:

    When are the next podcast going to be added?

  5. vagabond6 says:

    I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been listening to your podcasts on my ipod, they are really good

  6. crazmonster says:

    Just started listening, and I just happen to be leaving for japan tomorrow so I’ll be catching up on the plane. Thanks for a great podcast!

  7. wafavro says:

    Hey guy’s. I just wanted to say im really enjoying ur podcasts. Im in india right now as an exchange student and have been a die hard 40k guy since grade 7. As you can well imagine warhammer dosent exist here lol 😦 i just downloaded ur latest podcasts on the orks and ill be listening to it on my way to taj mahal! so yea thanks alot you guys! great work, by far one of the most enjoyable podcasts ive listened too 😀


  8. s00nertp says:

    Love the show format, the analysis, reviewing rules, battle reports, etc. By far my favorite 40k podcast(though I’m always game for any 40k podcast).

    USA, Jersey City NJ

  9. foskin says:

    Just stopped in the shop and bought some nidz, met Jay. Good guy and had a fun time in the store. So if ya see this hope all is well and thanks for the advice. Hope you learned a thing or two about the D6 cast. Thanks again Ron- AKA Captain Ron

  10. jkazrael says:

    hi guys i just first like to say this is a fantastic podcast. I have recently got into warhammer 40k becuase of it and going to try kelly’s eldar mech list with 10 wraithguard. if you have time on your hands could you put pictures of your armies on the website or show me a link to them, PLEASE show me Sprinkles Hello Kitty army and jay i’m sorrey to say this but please try out the harpy just get wings on a trigon DONE!, but apart from that you guys are doing AWSOME!
    ps I vote chaos on the next armylist

  11. necron1234 says:

    grate podcast I cant complain about the I tunes keep it coming

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