This can’t wait for the next podcast

January 24, 2010

Just read on the black library that Prospero Burns was delayed because Dan Abnett is ill.  Words cannot describe this man.  I am sure every single person in 40k has been inspired somehow by Dan and his books, and 0ur highest praise goes out to him.

Dan, you will forever be in our prayers until you get better.  Besides, you can’t rush masterpieces.

~ Shrek


Webisode 22 – They’re heeere

January 22, 2010

Episode 22!  In this podcast we go through the tyranid codex we just got our hands on.  Shrek goes through the units while Kelly talks about ways to counter them or is just baffled.

00:01:16 some quick news
00:01:44 Words of Wisdom by Kelly
00:05:20 Tyranid Codex
00:09:28 Starting the units

Episode at:

Comments and e-mails always welcome at

~ Shrek


January 15, 2010

*curls up with tyranid codex*

will be podcasting on monday, hopefully up on wednesday or by the end of teh week.

~ Shrek

Ideas for the new models

January 10, 2010

So everyone already has the wheels turning on how to make these new bugs we here about.  Granted I have yet to see the codex, but we already have an idea on what the stuff is supposed to be.

So here are some thoughts:

Tervigon:  I plan on using the trygon model.  In the middle where the tail wraps around I plan on putting rippers and gaunts and eggs and hatching and all that good stuff. I plan on having the tervigon torso very hunched over, nudging a gaunt out of the tail circle (go on little one, go eat the gaunts, go on)

Hive Guard: Yes we’re getting a model for it.  However, 2-3 trygon boxes + codex already = over 100 on my army.  I have 3 old tyrant guard (and doubt i will ever run 2 ground pounders) and 2 new ones.  So I plan on strapping guns onto the new tyrant guard and voila! hive guard

Spore Pods: Now I don’t like having to model spore pods.  Massive amounts of green stuff.  Maybe do capillary towers with entrances?  Anyways, with all these new burrowing tyranids were getting I’m  turning my spore pods into tunnel pods.  Lots of gravel, some legs, a head, and tail for the gun.  It will look like a giant spider/scorpion half dug into the ground.

Thoughts?  I will post here when I actually get to modelling these guys in the next week or 2.

~ Shrek


January 9, 2010

So 40k warcasting has never been top 10 on itunes, though we usually hover around 20-50.  Right now we’re at 17!!!  So if you need to listen to some episodes hop onto itunes and listen away!  I think our best has been 15 so far, but to see us on the front of hobby podcasts would be awesome.

22 will be up as soon as we get the tyranid codex.  Expect this one to be long, since I have never gotten to go into tyranid tactics.  *cackles* *heres kelly in the back going: “what tactics?  move forward and reroll reroll”

~ Shrek

Webisode 21 – ramblings and strategies

January 5, 2010

Another episode with alot of random topics.  We are patinelty waiting for the tyranid codex, so we cover some news and some e-mails.  Main topics are covering jump infantry as well as analzying if you are the attacker or defender.  As always e-mails at


00:01:16 pod cast news
00:04:14 news
00:19:32 what weve been up to in 40k
00:28:46 e-mails
00:57:33 analyzing: are you the attacker or defender? When the change your gameplan

episode available at:

21 up today or tomorrow

January 4, 2010


just read the title.

~ Shrek