Webisode 019 – Bugs and Boyz

October 12, 2009


Hey everyone, sorry again for the hiatus.  We actually did do a Space Wolves codex sneakcast, and then midterms hit.  I am sure you all have drooled over it so I decided to get this one up first.  Usual set-up, covering a slew of topics and start glancing at the tyranids 🙂


00:01:09 the news
00:22:51 e-mails
00:33:46 what weve been up to in 40k
00:44:42 random tangents
00:52:18 Break dis: ‘ard boyz imperial guard list
01:05:14 Bootcamp 101 – assaulting

Finally, some of the links to things we discuss on the podcast:

DLT Combat Patrols: http://www.dicelikethunder.com/files/Firefight40k.pdf

Shrek’s Battle reports: http://www.groovygeckosgames.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?t=1547

Finally, this is where we got “READ A BOOK!” note: every warning ever: cursing, sex, drugs, it is a rap song after all.

Finally, post here or leave us an e-mail at 40kwarcasting@gmail.com: Are daemons hard?  Have you ever run into a list or daemon tactic that owns? Or do they have a huge learning curve?

Oh yeah, and the episode: