Webisode 17 – IN SPACE

September 12, 2009


We ran out of time for this episode, so it is a little bit short.  Lots of great little interesting topics.  As always the news, mainly discussing the new Imperial Guard FAQ.  Then we take a while to discuss all the different e-mails.  Finally, we talk about Space Hulk which we have been playing non stop since we’ve got it.  Enjoy!


00:01:12 about the podcast
00:01:54 News
00:16:08 imp guard faq
00:31:41 e-mails
00:57:30 Space Hulk
01:07:39 questions and wrapping up

You can listen to the episode at:

As always hit us up at groovygeckosgames.com  or 40kwarcasting@gmail.com


17 is recorded, will be up by sunday

September 11, 2009

like the title says.  And we has a hold of the puppy codex, so that should be done next week.

~ Jay

stumped for 17

September 1, 2009

Trying to find some good topics to talk about on webisode 17.  If anyone has any ideas feel free to e-mail us or leave a comment.

~ Jay

PS – well be doing in on friday, day before space hulk comes out -_-