Webisode 016 – Lashes and NumNums

August 22, 2009


A long overdue podcast, but it is here.  We have new sound equipment and a full table as we have guest hosts Jeremiah and Derek.  The usual stuff, then we discuss dual lash and if its broken, the shooting phase, and finally the Dark Eldar Talos aka numnums.  This should hopefully be the last time we run into sound troubles as I play with the new mixing board and bells and whistles.


00:01:08 About the podcast
00:02:02 News
00:08:54 e-mails
00:21:59 what were up to in 40k
00:28:18 break dis – dual lash
01:07:19 boot camp 101: shooting phase
01:25:22 Underdog: Dark Eldar Talos

Webisode can be found at:


episode 16 done, will be up around 10ish

August 22, 2009

its done.  off to go see inglorious bastages then it will be up.

~ shrek

podcast recorded should be up by saturday

August 21, 2009

The title.

~ Jay

August is just not our month

August 13, 2009

Hey everyone.  So our plan was to do the podcast this morning and of course last night I got sick.  And soar throat to top it off.  So no podcast this week.  Going to try to do it saturday or next week.  I will promise you that we aren’t taking a 6 month hiatus again.

~ Shrek

Podcast next week

August 5, 2009

Family stuff has come up so will be doing podcast next week.

~ Jay