Tau on friday

June 30, 2009

Hey guys!  We should be doing the TAU codex on friday, unfortunately no Graham.  With 4th of July weekend I am booked, but will try to get the podcast up by the end of the weekend.

~ Jay


Tau next week

June 24, 2009

Hey everyone.  Sorry but we couldn’t get our schedules together, so we will be doing the tau codex next week.  I guess even though we want to put a podcast out once every 2 weeks, were at one every 3 weeks.  Yay life.  Anyways, will keep you guys updated.

~ Jay

Webisode 13 outtakes

June 13, 2009


Hey Guys.

So it came up in the podcast and so I decided to make it: outtakes. There is another podcast out there and they make more 8 year old jokes then actually talking about 40k. Hence why I decide to delete a lot of the 8 year old humor out of the podcast.

So you can get it all here: Some of the younger humor, kelly’s bigger rants, and 30 seconds of UM. Also some random discussions I decided not to include.

So now heres my question: was I wrong to delete any of this from the podcast? LET ME KNOW. If everyone loves the humor and the angrier rants Ill keep it in. Anyways, feel free to post or put your input in the poll.

Oh, and heres the link to it:

And no, I don’t think Ill be adding these to itunes. I might have to make a seperate RSS feed for these

Webisode 013 – Its an unlucky number for a reason

June 13, 2009

40kWarcastingiconOk its not that bad. It just started out bad. But we got on track, got the topics going, and it was good to have Graham back. And then the planetstrike book walks in the door and falls into our lap. So another great and fun episode. Merchandise and sound equipment to come with the next one. Like we say, we do an armycast next, so get your votes in!!!

00:00:28 Podcast updates
00:02:05 E-mails
00:09:03 News
00:31:40 Our weeks of 40k
00:38:22 random tangents
00:46:56 B00tcamp 101 – Deployment
01:12:33 And then the planetstrike book walked in the door

You can check out the episode at:

Just finished….and then the planetstrike book came

June 11, 2009

This one is going to be long, because we finished it and planetstrike came in. It looks like tons and tons and tons of fun. Podcast should be up tonight or tomorrow and you get to hear all about this little goody.

~ Shrek

Podcast by this weekend

June 10, 2009

Should be doing podcast tomorrow or friday, and should be up by sunday. Our next podcast will be another armycast, so get those votes in via e-mail or our forums asap.

~ Jay

Wow on Itunes

June 3, 2009

Just saw that in top 100 hobby podcasts, we are number 35!! I presume this is based on amount of people subscribed to us, and I would like to say thank you all. Be sure to tell your friends to subscribe as well, since its always appreciated.

Probably no podcast this week, but will deffinetely get one in next week. Probably doing deadliest warrior, covering the deployment phase, and then something else.

Finally, we should be doing an armycast podcast for Episode 14. Right now it looks like Chaos Space Marines, with Orks and Tau coming in right behind. So get your votes in by e-mailing us or going to our forums.

~ Jay