Updated blog a little bit

May 27, 2009

Added the donate button if you would like to contribute to a great Warhammer 40k Podcast.

Also am updating the “about us” section and will continue to update it in the next couple of days. Just so you can get to know the hosts a little bit more, and put a face to a voice. You could join the facebook group and find out immediately though 😉


Webisode 12 – Writing lists

May 23, 2009

Kelly and Jay are back, but Graham went off to Texas for family.  In this episode we cover the normal routine, as well as how we write lists.  Hopefully this will provide a template or questions to consider when writing your lists.  Finally, we take a second look at biovores, to see if they are really worth it.


00:00:40  updates on the podcast

00:04:58 Incoming transmissions

00:10:04 What weve been up to

00:30:15 Boot Camp: List Writing 101

01:00:08 Underdog Biovores

Episode can be found at:http://www.groovygeckosgames.com/podcast/40kwcepisode12.mp3

Webisode 12 will be up tomorrow morning

May 23, 2009

As soon as i wake up which will be like…..2 pm?  JK expect it up by 10 am, that way you can listen to it on your road trip for memorial day!

~ Jay

The Most tactical 40k podcast

May 17, 2009

Hey everyone, Jay here.

Exams are winding down and summer is here, thank God.  Graham is running off to Texas for family, so Kelly and I will be getting together this week for our podcast.  We have been dubbed the most tactical podcast, and so we are diving in head first to list building.  This should be a great podcast as we continue bootcamp.  So anyways, expect it to be hopefully up by friday.

Also, Graham is getting back into his space wolves (he cannot stay away)  We will be adding updates here as a blog for him as he works on his army.

~ Jay


May 14, 2009

So Itunes decided to eat all of our podcast comments -_-.  Hopefully they can get them back.  Luckily I did copy all of them to a word document, and most of the bad comments have been fixed and covered.

~ Jay

Webisode 10 – The skipped webisode

May 5, 2009


Finally got around to editing it.  At this point in time we didn’t have the new guard codex.  However, we do introduce our first contest, and begin a new section: boot camp.  In this section we are going to cover every phase of the game from start to finish and examine it.


3:00 E-mails
6:58 podcast information
9:55 The news
20:53 random tangents
24:40 Boot Camp – getting in the mindset to write lists

To see it just log on to itunes, or click the rss feed to the right, or click below:

Episode 10 up tuesday

May 3, 2009

Beginning exam week….yay.  Anyways, it will be up tuesday morning.