Webisode 11 – Sneakcast at the new Imperial Guard

April 30, 2009

Yes, were doing a little bit of flip flopping because we got the new
guard codex and wanted that podcast out immediately.  I seem to always
do this, but want to apologize with the sound.  I have upgraded our
rig and software (and am about to do so again) and I am still trying
to figure out what all the nobs do anyways.  Im also going to blame it
on Kelly and graham not speaking into the microphone.  Duct tape will
settle that problem.

We run through the guard codex, the special abilities, etc.

3:11 Informationa bout 40k warcasting
4:44 the News
5:48 – 40k by us
15:00 Finally the guard codex
18:09 – Special Rules
48:00 – Excuse the really bad math here: 5 for platoon, 50 for squads,
50 for conscripts, plus heavy and special weapons
1:33:24 Special characters

As always, comments are welcome at 40kwarcastin@gmail.com or groovygeckosgames.com


The mechanicum is laughing at me…

April 30, 2009

I got mind locked…..aka passwords are case sensitive.  Just some random helpful information.

~ Jay

Podcast should be up in the next hour

Next podcasts should be up today and tomorrow

April 29, 2009

Like it said.  Episode 11 – sneap peek at guard, will be up tonight hopefully.  I will finish 10 tomorrow and get it up tomorrow.  I am waiting on the mechanicum because I forgot how to get onto the site to upload the podcasts -_-

~ Jay

OMG adepticus really?

April 21, 2009

It seems I only come here with complaints and excuses, and that will stop.

Episode 10 will be done this week and be up by this weekend.

We got the new guard codex and made episode 11 so you all could get your fix on the real thing 2 weeks before it hit the shelves.

Unfortunately I am still learning the ropes on the whole technology and microphone set up.  It seems that even with 2 microphones plugged into the new gig, one microphone seems to take over and become dominant.  So in podcast 11 you can hear me perfectly  but graham and kelly are really hard to hear.  argh, this just means lots of editing to soften my voice so you can hear all of us equally.

That and after $200 for their own mics and a bigger soundboard I should be golden!  So i am apologizing for the temporary weird quality.  On the flipside you should be getting 2 podcasts by the end of this week! w00t!

~ Jay

Podcast should be up saturday, sunday, or monday at the latest

April 10, 2009

Kelly decided to get a game in and Graham could only stay for an hour.  So we are finishing it up on saturday, and then getting it online.

The equipment came! podcast up by the end of the week.

April 6, 2009

So the new sound equipment came and it is awesome.  Hopefully the sound quality should be alot better and louder (especially once I learn what all those nobs do)

On a sadder note life intervenet again, so we should be doing the podcast on thursday.  This means it should be up thursday night or on friday.  And Graham is back! W00t!