Waiting for some equipment, so probably no podcast this week

March 31, 2009

So I finally ordered some actual recording equipment.  It should arrive tomorrow, and I will put it through the tests.  This means if we do a podcast it will be later in the week.  Otherwise we will do it on monday, our normally scheduled time, and it should be up by next wednesday.


Our New logo

March 21, 2009

And here it is.   Like I said, amazing work by Jordan.  Also, banner should be new too.  Once I acquire some money (or get a job) the 40k warcasting t-shirts should be on our way.

~ Jay


Awesome isn’t it?  It reminds me of so many things.  Monty Python (ALBATROSS), as well as having a red alert semi-cartoony feel to it.  Anyways, back to podcast idea brainstorming.

It used to be for college, now its for everyone!

March 21, 2009

You guessed it, we are on facebook!  If you have a facebook account, just search ’40kwarcasting’ in groups and we should come up.  Then feel free to join!  Easy way to post quick comments about the show, or just join to show your a fan.  Also helps to give me some numbers so we know how many people are listening to the show.

~ Jay

New logos incoming.

March 21, 2009

So we are finally getting some new logos for 40k warcasting so that we don’t have to deal with copyright issues.  Hopefully, well get some t-shirts made (but boy are they expensive).  Anyways, would like to thank my good friend jordan for these.  He’s an amazing painter, and is a true artist.  They should be up by the end of the day.

~ Jay

PS – thanks for everyone that is helping us get the word out.  I knew it would be an uphill battle but every comment, e-mail,  or forum post helps.  I will be making up some pamphlets soon that if you want to print out and give to some friends or your hobby store to help us out.

Episode 009 – Space Marine Armycast

March 18, 2009


Now that we have had a good time to play this codex, we thought it should be our next armycast.  Our current format is going over the pros and cons and playstyle of the army.  Then we cover the units, give out tips and tricks, and finally cover some sample army lists.


2:04  Pros and cons of the army
6:28   Playstyle(s)
8:02  How competitive are space marines?
9:50  At what point limit do space marines shine?
11:00 Cracking open the book and covering the units
1:45:47 Some sample army lists

You can check out this episode at http://www.groovygeckosgames.com/podcast/40kwcepisode9.mp3

As always if you have any comments, or questions, or ways we can improve the armycasts, feel free to e-mail us at 40kwarcasting@gmail.com

Or be sure to check out the forums at http://www.groovygeckosgames.com  We currently have a poll on which armycast to do next and we want to hear your input!

~ Jay

/salute Podhammer

March 15, 2009

So Jeff has put Podhammer, a podcast dedicated to warhammer fantasy, on hold due to real life.  Having to do the same with 40k warcasting, I can completely relate.  I wish him the best of luck, and will send out a prayer for him.  I know he will come back to the podcasting eventually, I just hope he gets life sorted out.

If there was ever a “Louis and Clarke” to the wargaming podcasts it was Jeff.  He and podhammer was the first ever wargaming podcast, and paved the way for the rest of us.  He was also a great mentor and inspiration.  Graham and I had heard about his podcast, and that gave us the inspiration to do one for 40k.  Also, when the other podcast turned there back on us, Jeff was more then happy to help with the technical difficulties of setting up a podcast.

I hope thats a good enough tribute.  I am not saying goodbye, just good luck, and we hope to see you back and at it soon enough.

~ Jay

Episode 8 – were back!

March 8, 2009
40k warcasting

40k warcasting

And we are back! The podcast is done.

I apologize that we kind of went back to the drawing board on sound quality.  After we were recording I remembered all the tweaks, but it still is pretty good.  Also realized our new recording area echoes -_-.

Time stamp:

1:50 news and rumors

8:39 thoughts on 5th after digesting it

17:58 general thoughts on new marine codex

25:15 – advancement of podcasts

27:17 – break dis: horde orks

45:48 – extra – e-mails from a forgotten podcast

And finally – we got the forums up! And were not going to even charge you anything 🙂   sign up at http://www.groovygeckosgames.com/Forum/index.php

You can find the episode at http://www.groovygeckosgames.com/podcast/40kwcepisode8.mp3

Or just click on the RSS feed on the right side of our blog at 40kwarcasting.wordpress.com