Episode 7 – Eldar Army Cast

And the first armycast is done:

The Eldar Are Here

And we did Eldar! As always it was fun doing a new type of podcast, and well have the kinks worked out when we do the next armycast (and hopefully shorten it a bit). In this podcast we cover Eldar – why to play the army, the pros and cons, good starter lists, combos, tricks, synergies, all the units, and the army box deals. Hopefully this gives newer players an insight into the army as well as some new ideas and tricks to think about for the vets, especially as we convert over to 5th edition. As always if we could have improved in some way send an e-mail at 40kwarcasting@gmail.com

We seem to be having a minor problem with this podcast where some people can download the full podcast, while others can only download 28 minutes of it. I am befuddled, but ill be working on it to try to get it. The sure way though is to check us out on itunes and double click on the podcast underneath, and youll get the 2 hour one. And once my adepticus gets online well sort it out.

And yes, maybe eldar was a bad starter, as they have 32 choices to talk about to talk about.

Link to podcast:
http://www.groovygeckosgames.com/podcast/40kwcepisode7.mp3 or click picture above


2 Responses to Episode 7 – Eldar Army Cast

  1. mks1201 says:

    Excellent episode! Both this and the 5th edition review were very well done. Keep up the good work!

  2. sonobovich says:

    Great podcast. I liked the long format and how in-depth you guys go with tactics. Keep on castin.

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