A new warcasting friend.

June 17, 2008

Table top news

So tabletop gaming news has supported us and so we do the same. As soon as news comes out for any tabletop game they seem to have it covered with pictures and details. They also seem to update daily. I highly recommend checking these guys out once a day just to see what news information they find. Click them above to check them out.


Webisode 6 – 5th edition bonanaza!

June 15, 2008

Click here for 6th podcast episode

Click the image to listen to it. Our 6th podcast, woot! In this one we cover some e-mails, some news, and then dive right into the 5th edition rulebook. We cover all of the major changes, and then in the second half cover all the armies and how we think 5th edition will affect them. Hope you enjoy, and keep the e-mails coming as always (40kwarcasting@gmail.com).

1:15 E-mails
4:44 News
8:20 5th Edition Rule change coverage
1:15:45 How will each army be affected by 5th edition

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Webisode 6 is ready

June 13, 2008

Just waiting on the adepticus to get online and upload it for me.  We cover the major rule changes in 5th edition, and then cover each army and how we think it will be affected by 5th edition.  Ill be posting here and on the forums when its up.  Hopefully this weekend.

Episode 6 should be out this week

June 8, 2008

Hey everyone,

So the podcast should hopefully get done tomorrow or tuesday, so ill get it done and up by friday.  I know we said we were doing an army entry, but that will change since we read 5th edition.  Also three armies are all close together for our first army podcast, so keep those e-mails coming if you want us to cover a certain army.

So the plan for the podcast will probably be news, 5th edition rules, and then possibly a break this section about space marine gun-line, or another off-the-wall section like the dice rolling (maybe playing in tournies, handling rules arguements, something like that.)

So anyways, get pumped! And thank you for the continuing support.  We love the e-mails as always.

~ Jay