So i think i lied in the last podcast.

May 31, 2008

So our store got a copy of new 5th edition, and with a 2 hour read-over im going to say im happy with it (and my tyranid army will be very happy with it).  They clarified alot to keep the rules lawyers at bay, and i believe most of the changes are for the best.

Anyways, we might delay the army podcasts to cover the 5th edition rulebook and initial thoughts.  If  you are dying to know a certain question e-mail me at

~ Jay


5th podcast is up!!!

May 26, 2008

Our 5th webisode!! We talk about how you can help us out, some of the upcoming news, kelly and graham talk about the new daemons and then we get into dice rolling and dice superstitions.  Hope this brings out a lighter side in some of the podcasts as we joke around and have fun as always.

Webisode 4: Are there daemons nearby?

May 4, 2008

new demon codex

Our 4th Webisode is up! We got our hands on the demon codex, so i thought i would post this short podcast for those of you who cant wait in the next week to check it out. A couple of starting thoughts, but mainly to let you know whats in it. I also cover some of the news for 40k, and my quick thoughts on the new dawn of war video game as well as the legion book. Sorry for not having any cohosts, as exams and papers right now have made getting together for a podcast a nightmare. Not to worry though, as after the next week we should get back on schedule with the podcasts.

~ Jay