post webisode 3 thoughts

March 19, 2008

First I have to apologize for the sound quality. Before the next the podcast im getting a job paycheck so hopefully well drastically improve the sound quality. Anyways, on to the pictures and links!

First the links we talked about:
Bolter and chainsword
Cool Mini or not
Tau Forums

The sweet picture of ulrik:
Ulrik, head chaplain of the Space Wolves

And finally some pictures of Jordan’s models, to show how good he is:
White Scars


Webisode 3 is up!!

March 19, 2008

40kwarcastingicon.jpgAnd webisode 3 is up! In this one we cover the Space Wolves codex, and Jordan gives a small introduction to painting. Then Jason and i discuss the more competitive Tau lists, and finally answer some of your e-mails. Please keep them coming!!
Time Stamp

01:12 40k activities

03:10 Little bit of news

04:56 Space Wolves

30:10 Commercial for sponsor Groovy Geckos

31:05 General Introduction to Painting

46:50 Covering Competitive Tau

71:52 Answering E-mails

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Longer then expected

March 17, 2008

Hey guys,

Sorry about the huge delay.  We got most of the podcast done, but you all wanted to know about tau, so im doing that section tomorrow with jason.  The podcast should be up tuesday night, and it will be 90 minutes so you have more to listen to 🙂

~ Jay

Episode 3 coming up soon

March 11, 2008

Hey everyone,

Just letting you all know episode 3 should be up friday or saturday.  Well be talking about mechanized tau, as well as answering some of the e-mails you all sent us, and some other topic we haven’t figured out yet.  Keep the feedback coming, as we really appreciate it.

~ Jay

Better Technology

March 4, 2008

So currently Im looking to expand our little radio setup.  Currently its just an omnidirectional mic plugged into my laptop.  There are alot of mixing boards and external audio cards out there, but Im looking for something that allows me to connect 3-4 mics to my computer with minimal bells and whistles (to keep price down.  I want to be able to hook up 3-4 mics without buying a $1000 mixing board).  Anyways, im still on the lookout, but if anyone sees any or knows of something that allows me to do that, please let me know.

~ Jay

March 4, 2008


So weve gotten a huge boost in views thanks to Jeff and the Aussies over at, so I thought I’d return the favor.  You can check them out at (no www).  Its a great fantasy podcast talking about everything and anything to deal with warhammer fantasy.  So if you enjoy lances, catapults, and mages who have spent their whole lives studying magic but can only remember four random spells, then check them out! They’ve been going on for a long time, know their stuff, and are very active in the Australia tournament scene, so they are able to talk about alot of different topics.

Webisode 2 is up!!!

March 1, 2008

Our second webisode is up!!  When its up ill post a link to it on the right side, and it should update on your podcatcher program.  In this one we discuss alot of upcoming news, and our good sponsor kelly joins in to discuss the upcoming 5th edition, the daemon codex, and the general style of codices.  Then graham duke it out as we discuss how to make guard competitive and what they really need help with.

 Time Stamp

00:40 Shoutouts

01:15 Send us e-mails!

02:40 Incoming transmissions

02:45 5th edition rulebook discussion

07:30 New Daemon rule discussion

11:00 New Guard Codex

12:30 Codex Discussion

22:50 starting 40k or starting a new army

33:58 Imperial Guard discussion