Episode 2 in progress

February 27, 2008

Hey everyone,

Sorry weve been taking a while making episode 2. Well be making it tomorrow, and hopefully have it up thursday or friday.

~ Jay


Post Webisode 1 thoughts

February 14, 2008

So the first webisode is finally up.  I would like to thank a bunch of people real quick.

Drew – for getting this all online

Kelly – and groovy geckos for letting us use his site.

Jeffrey – the host of podhammer, a fantasy podcast.  Allowed me to shoot e-mails back and forth to give me ideas and tips.

So some quick thoughts 

Equipment – ya, we know theres alot of static noise.  We learned we cant use one mic for 5 people, so ill be looking into getting a mixing board and more mics so everyone is louder and less static in the background.  We also know to stop banging the table to stop that noise from happening.  And yes, well have our cellphones on vibrate for future episodes (no your cell phone isn’t ringing).

Stats – I do realize we mess up on some of the statlines for some units.  This is totally done on purpose to throw people off so we dont get haggled for copyright.  (Seriously, Carnifexes have 6 wounds and Predators have 4 lascannon shots i swear).  I mean, we were caught up in the moment, we were only like 1 stat off, so we might slip but we get the point across.

Webisode 1!!!

February 14, 2008

We did it! First podcast is online!! Just click on the rss link to the right under blogroll to get access to the feed. Alternatively you can click on the linke webisode 1 to begin listening/downloading it. In the future well get some artwork for it, music, and it will hopefully show up on the Itunes store.

Again any comments, questions, ideas you have feel free to e-mail us at 40kwarcasting@gmail.com

And on to the show notes: The first episode we give a small introductions about ourselves, talk a little bit about the tournament, some of the upcoming 40k rumors, and then dive into the two topics. We decided to take two really good armies, ie tyranids and necrons, and talked about what to expect when facing them on the table, and ways to beat them.


00:00 – Intros

02:20 – Local Tournament

04:02 – Random plug for drop pod armies

05:17 – Incoming Transmissions (Rumors and News for 40k)

12:23 – Tyranids (specifically ‘Nidzilla)

35:49 – Necrons

53:08 – Wrapping Up

Getting it all started up

February 11, 2008

Welcome everyone to the official blog for 40k Warcasting. After being inspired by podhammer I decided to make a podcast devoted to anything and everything dealing with warhammer 40k. The guys over at 40k radio beat me to it, and have a fantastic show, so I recommend you check them out as well. We’ll be making our first broadcast this weekend, and I’ll hopefully get the bugs worked out by next week.

If anyone is looking to sponsor any episodes, has questions, comments, or any topics that they think would make great podcasts, just give me an e-mail over at 40kwarcasting@gmail.com