Moving on out, say goodbye to wordpress!!!

November 28, 2010

Alright so here’s the latest updates. Charlie was spending the past 2 weeks trying to make the podcasts work on the website. He tried like 20 different ways, none of which worked. So today we talked, and he agreed to continue to support us by paying for libsyn!! So groovy geckos will continue to sponsor us. So, here’s the info you all need:

The new webpage. Every time a podcast gets updated this will be the first place to know

If you all enjoy following RSS feeds.

So, what about new episodes!? Well with the plan we have we have enough space to post 2 episodes a month, and one of the older episodes to get it uploaded. So, I uploaded 31 and 30. I will have 32 up by the end of the month, and starting next month I’ll get up 33 34 and 35. That gives us a month to make new podcasts (Well post when we go live, usually every other friday at 8 pm EST). So on January 1st we should be all caught up. Then we’ll continue the process of doing 2 podcasts a month and uploading an older episode at the end of the month. Editing wise, I’ll be taking out the news sections (since they’re old, and its just us drooling over dark eldar). Ill leave in anything if it’s our opinions on something worthwhile.

Also, I have to explore libsyn and everything it offers. This includes getting the Itune feed going. Again, youll know as soon as i get a new toy or feature working.

Finally, we will be using the above as the new blog, so say goodbye to



Update on update

November 28, 2010

40k warcasting will be back online tonight. We are moving to libsyn. More info incoming.

Update on podcast

October 29, 2010

Charlie says i’ll have access to the website to upload everything soon. I can’t wait. Granted, I have been BS’d too before, but I am giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Live episode on dark eldar Friday night starting around 7-8pm EST

~ Shrek

What is going on with 40k Warcasting

October 24, 2010

I figure I should post an update.  If you continue to listen to us, then you are one of the most patient and loyal fanbases ever, and I thank you.  While we put a lot into this podcast, it has always been a hobby for us.  If we had to wait a week or couple of days to do a show we would be fine.  Since this is a hobby to us, like painting or playing 40k.

When the store changed hands all of the details were not hammered out in exchange of the Geckos website.  So when the payments dried up from Kelly’s end, the site got shut down.  Charlie has used this as an opportunity to start fresh and begin with the website.  However, he wants sole control of the website, mainly for security reasons. (And I completely understand)

Thus, in order to update the podcast I now have to burn the podcast and RSS document onto a cd, drive 30 minutes, and hand it over to charlie.  I then have to wait for him to upload it.  Also, if there is an error, I have to then fix it, without doing any testing, drive back to Charlie, and hope it works.  I can’t tell you how inefficient that sounds, not to mention on my days off I might not even be able to get it to Charlie.  So that is another week to wait on an upload.

So now we come to a crossroads.  We will continue to do live shows every other friday, and I will continue to get them ready in mp3 format.  Charlie and I are currently working on a compromise, but if that doesn’t pan out I am looking at a service provider.  However, that means $20 a month out of my pocket, if not more.  I’m just not sure I can afford that right now.  So that’s what has been going on, and the dilemma we are facing.  This podcast will go on, if not for all the technical speedbumps we continue to go through.  As always, thank you for listening.


~ Shrek

40k Warcasting currently down.

September 21, 2010

The Groovy geckos website has been temporarily taken down.  Because of this, our podcast is currently inaccessible.  We will keep you updated of the situation.  However, we will continue to go live every other friday night (including this friday 9/24).

~ Shrek

Webisode 031 – Start of the underdog armies.

September 15, 2010

Shrek here, yay for almost being caught up on the episodes, one to go!  Another great episode, where we start to get into the planning stages for Adepticon.  Expect us to be there.  News, e-mails, and what we’ve been up to.  Now all of us have a new project:  pick a character that isn’t popular, or underused, and build an army around that character.  So we start talking about the army and character we’re using, and getting ready for some battles!  I have to admit though I picked eldrad, so i’m going to go back to the drawing board and look at the autarchs or phoenix lords.

Finally, the past couple of podcasts we have done live 8 pm EST on friday nights.  This looks like the standard, and we would love for you to join us.


00:01:05 pod cast
00:02:28 the news/planning for adepticon
00:07:15 e-mails
00:27:38 What we’ve been up to
00:43:40 Army evaluation
01:02:45 side tangent with shrek
01:06:00 boot camp 101 assaulting vehicles

Episode can be found at:
~ Shrek

going live in 5

September 11, 2010